Scale and Polish

Scaling and polishing is a routine cosmetic dental procedure that removes stains and deposits on your teeth such as tartar or plaque. These can steadily build up over time but removing them is a simple two-step process.

The first step involves ‘descaling’, in which your dentist removes any deposits that have built up since your last visit. This is carried out with ultrasound to prevent any damage or discomfort and followed up with specialised tools to remove any remains.

Once this is complete, a member of our team will hand-polish your teeth to ensure a bright, shiny appearance. Along with making your teeth look better, this works to smooth out rough patches and abrasions, actively preventing the further build-up of plaque.

How can it help?

Some of the key benefits of scaling and polishing include:

  • Cosmetic improvements: A scale and polish is an extremely effective way to improve the appearance of your teeth, brightening and whitening any smile.
  • Sustained dental health: Removing plaque and tartar is an important part of oral care. Failing to do so can result in further complications and repeat visits.
  • Quick and painless: The procedure is short and simple but provides massive benefits. While your hygienist will recommend a return date, booking regular sessions will help prevent any ongoing build-up.


from £85 to £130
Air Polishing
From £110 to 140

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All our dentists perform this service.