Orthodontic Treatments

Many of us are not entirely happy with our smile. Whether it’s due to crooked teeth, protrusions, damage or staining, it’s easy to be left feeling self-conscious or concerned about the best oral care. Choosing to pursue orthodontic treatment allows you to adjust and realign your teeth – ensuring that they appear clean and straight, while also leaving them easier to clean and maintain.

There are three key options available
Fixed Appliances
Removal Appliance
Fixed Appliances

These are made from lightweight mixed materials and discreetly attached to your individual teeth. Once attached, a wire works to straighten and correct your teeth over time and can be left alone until your next visit. Fixed appliances can quickly correct drift or crowding, ensuring that your teeth are quickly and painlessly corrected.

Removal Appliance

This is created by taking a mould of your mouth and producing a robust, acrylic appliance that sits at the roof of your mouth. This can be easily cleaned and cared for, and can be removed for eating, cleaning, or intensive physical activity.


If the appearance of a brace is a concern, an Invisalign mould can be created that can be worn throughout the day without being noticed. These are created using a custom cast of your teeth which is regularly replaced and updated to help ensure that your treatment is completed effectively and in full.

Range of orthodontic treatments we offer:
  1. Metal braces
  2. Porcelain braces
  3. Self-ligating brackets
  4. Six-month smile
  5. Invisalign

Choosing the Monteiro Dental Clinic means that you will receive:

  • In-depth consultations to find a solution that works for your unique needs and lifestyle;
  • The highest standards of professional excellence from our team of dentists and orthodontists;
  • Ongoing professional support and guidance as the treatment is applied and;
  • Quality aftercare from a highly trained team of professional nurses and practitioners.


Check up Orthodontic (includes oral assessment
OPG x-ray
Metal Braces (per arch)
Porcelain Braces (per arch)
Self Ligating Braces (per arch)
Incognito (Lingual/Hidden braces)
Clear Aligners
£3,500 – £4,200
Maintenance (per month)