Patient Journey

Our patient’s well-being and happiness is really important to the dentists, dental nurses, receptionists and other dental professionals at all times.

We always strive to deliver the very best possible results to our patients and also endeavour to make the whole patient journey from the initial point of contact, through treatment to the after care, to be at the highest level of customer care and service, enjoyable, relaxing, stress-free and with the end result being totally worthwhile and rewarding.

We are happy to welcome new patients to our Practice. You can be confident that you will receive the highest quality of care in our multilingual and multicultural Practice.

What can you expect to experience on your patient journey?

From when you first contact the clinic, either by calling us, filling out a webform, or even popping in while you walk by, you will be greeted by a professional, friendly and caring member of the team who will gladly provide you with any information you may require. We will cater for your specific needs and requirements and will happily work around your lifestyle to accommodate any callbacks or appointments.

If no availability to book an appointment for you we will keep you in our waiting list and contact you within maximum 3days.

We will NOT push or act pushy towards any patients in regards to making a decision to:

  • Arranging a consultation or appointment
  • Going ahead with treatment

We WILL be up front with the information regarding the treatment you are interested in and we will give you accurate treatment plans (with prices) before you take up treatment. We will ensure we clearly explain each step of the treatment plan and will make sure that you are happy with every step before we progress.

For your and our team safety Please do not attend the practice if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or have received a positive test result.

The steps of the journey

Step 1 – Initial contact/enquiry

We will respond to each and every form of communication with patients and new patients in a professional, friendly, helpful and courteous manner.

Step 2 – Appointment booked

After your appointment has been successfully booked to meet your needs we will send over a confirmation of the booking as well as a welcome pack that will provide further information about the clinic – if you still have any questions you would like to ask, please just ask – we are happy to answer any questions!

You will receive a link to register in our patient portal and a link with access to our appointments policy. An Email/TXT will be send with details on how to do the deposit fee of £50 for each consultation booked. A confirmation text will be sent to you 2 days before the consultation and if no confirmation done a phone call will be made one day before your appointment. If no confirmation is done 24hours before the system will cancel this appointment and no fee will be applied. The £50 fee is only applied if you fail to attend your consultation without previous notice of at least 24hours.

Step 3 – First Appointment:

From when you first enter our clinic to when you leave you will be treated with respect and care and all members of the team will act professional, friendly and courteous to your needs.

It can be quite a scary time for a lot of people and we understand and sympathise with your fears. There is no rush and everything will be done at a pace you are comfortable with.

During your first visit, you will be required to complete a medical history questionnaire. On completion of the oral examination, digital photographs, impressions and digital x-rays may be taken if required. We will discuss the findings and explain any dental issues discovered during the examination that need addressing.

Step 4 – Treatment Planning:

Once we have discussed the dental issues, we will then explain the treatment options available. All of the information will be available on your treatment plan. This will show all treatment options available and fees.

If you are unsure about anything in the plan we urge you to contact us and we will happily explain anything and answer any of your questions – We want you to be in full control of your treatment!

The treatment consent is a two-way process and we are keen to answer your questions and hear your concerns. This is essential to creating a successful treatment plan.

Step 5 – Accepting treating

After receiving the treatment plan and you have given each option proper consideration and have come to the conclusion you would like to proceed with the treatment. Please, can you either call or email us and we will then arrange your appointment to commence treatment. A consent form will be sent you and a signature requested.

Once we have agreed on a treatment plan, we can proceed with treatment. Treatment may start on the first appointment if time permits, with priority given to addressing any teeth causing pain.

Step 6 – Treatment

The treatment will then commence as per the plan that was set out and your dentist will keep you informed of the progress of the treatment and will make sure you are 100% happy with the way the treatment is progressing.

Our dentists are happy to explain any part of the treatment at any stage and urge you to ask any questions you may have – Our goal is to ensure you leave with the results you want and for you to be happy with the whole experience!

Step 7 – Aftercare:

After you have completed your chosen course of treatment we will contact you buy email requesting you your feedback. At the reception we will try to make sure you are alright and if you are 100% happy with the treatment you received.

If any concerns admin team will be informed. A follow-up appointment may also be scheduled with your dentist so they can check up on you.

At Monteiro Dental Clinic we place priority on our well-structured and customized recall programme for our patients. We cannot understate the importance of regular dental and hygiene appointments to maintain your dental health. We will place you on a customised email/text-reminder service. The recall time will be accordingly with dentist evaluation.

Step 8 – Payment:

We understand that everyone’s financial obligations are unique and we are committed to creating a treatment plan that suits you and your budget. Full or part payment towards the cost of treatment may be taken before treatment commences, in certain circumstances.

Please also consider the following important information:


Where possible, please attend alone unless supporting a child or vulnerable person.

Please complete your medical history form before your appointment or telephone the practice if you are unable to do so to give us time to complete it with you over the phone.


We have implemented a series of safety measures throughout the practice to help protect our patients and staff members from the potential risk of COVID-19.

Patients and visitors are routinely required to wear a facemask unless this is personal preference. Facemasks are available on request, please speak to a member of our team.

Please sanitise your hands on arrival to the practice with hand gel provided at reception.

Covid-19 screening questions will be asked throughout your visit.

Please use the hand sanitiser before leaving the practice.

Dealing with emergency appointments

If you’ve come to us for an emergency dental appointment, you will be seen within hours with priority given to addressing with medication or quick measure any teeth causing pain allowing to book an appointment for the specific treatment.